Famous Celebrity Acts of Revenge

Famous  Best Celebrity Acts of Revenge, The top ten best acts of celebrity revenge: Have a look at these famous folks who gave and received punishment in a way the whole world could watch.

Taylor Swift Whereas this country singer has achieved a great deal of professional success, her love life has sputtered. Fortunately for her, she has quite the platform for airing her grievances. Taylor swift see no more about joe jonas, Taylor swift better than revenge camilla belle, Taylor swift kanye west. 

Naya Rivera With all those attractive "Glee" kids running around one set, you just know they'd be hooking up right and left. Allegedly, Rivera had a fling with a castmate that ended on a sour note. And although both parties deny it, rumors say she sought revenge. Naya rivera keys car mark salling, Naya rivera red carpet
Justin Timberlake It wasn't too long ago that Timberlake straddled the line between acting and singing, and he happened to have used his talent for the latter to compose a takedown for a certain famous ex-girlfriend. Justin timberlake wrote cry me a river about britney spears, Justin timberlake cry me a river, Britney spears everytime
Daniel Craig In this case, Craig wasn't the avenger, but rather the one whose actions inspired the act of vengeance. So what happened? Let's just say it had to do with his newfound relationship with Rachel Weisz. Satsuki mitchell ran up $1 million on daniel craig's credit card, Daniel craig met rachel weisz on the set of dream house
Katy Perry She's not just candy-patterned dresses and whipped cream bras. Perry has an angry side, too. When she returned to her Goleta, Calif., high school for a free performance, Katy singled out an old flame to embarrass him. Katy perry calls out high school crush, sings ur so gay, Katy perry dos pueblos high school, Katy perry gay advocates
Taylor Lautner When you're hosting "Saturday Night Live," the opening monologue is your chance to show off what you can do. When this "Twilight" star hosted, he took the opportunity to issue a smackdown against another celeb… literally. Taylor lautner attacks kanye on snl, Did taylor lautner date taylor swift
Adele Some celebs have taken a moment or two to issue some spiteful words against their enemies. Adele, on the other hand, has made a whole career out of it. Adele wrote 21 about her ex-boyfriend slinky sunbeam, Adele's ex-boyfriend wants money for inspiring 19
Brandi Glanville For this jilted wife, revenge didn't come in the form of bragging rights for having entered -- and survived -- the snake pit that is "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." No, she took much simpler measures against her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Brandi glanville slashed eddie cibrian's tires, Brandi glanville leann rimes
Alanis Morissette When you title your album "Jagged Little Pill," you're not exactly trying to hide your angry side. But what's perhaps most remarkable about Morissette's landmark 1995 album is '90s celeb that she allegedly wrote the track "You Oughta Know" about. Alanis morissette wrote you oughta about dave coulier, Alanis morissette bob saget
Hilary Duff What with her impending motherhood and all, it might be easy to forget that Duff was once the center of the Disney universe and the teen drama that comes with it. In fact, back in the day, she once pulled a stunt that might constitute an act of revenge her then-rival, Lindsay Lohan. Hilary duff brought chad michael murray to lindsay lohan's premiere, Hilary duff and lindsay lohan both dated aaron carter
Lil' Kim She has been feuding with a certain performer who she perceives to be encroaching on her territory. You'd think there'd be room for two female rappers who know how to dress for attention, but apparently not. Lil kim beheaded nicki minaj on an cd cover, Lil kim dancing with the stars
Jon Gosselin Let this guy's life serve as a reminder to make better decisions. Among his many instances of less-than-stellar judgment, he dated Hailey Glassman during his post-Kate phase. This decision came back to haunt him. Hailey glassman gets revenge on jon gosselin by calling him small, Kate gosselin
Garcelle Beauvais Some people prefer to keep family matters to themselves. This "NYPD Blue" actress chose the opposite tactic, however, and made headlines in 2010 with a great demonstration of how to cause a scene. Garcelle beauvais out her husband's affair via a mass email, Watch nypd blue online
Andre 3000 Believe it or not, this Outkast singer's revenge didn't come in the form of scoring a megahit with "Hey Ya!" Well, that was probably fun to rub in enemies' faces, sure, but it's a different song that took a shot at a famous someone from Andre's past. Andre 3000 wrote ms. jackson about erykah badu, Outkast new album
Carly Simon No matter how much this singer does with her professional life, there's one question that will be on everyone's minds about her work: What did that guy do to make her so mad? In fact, people have been wondering for 40 years. Who did carly simon write your so vain about?
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes We remember this late TLC singer for her hits, but it might be worth noting that she had one other major talent: exacting revenge. Lisa left eye lopes burned down her ex-boyfriend's house, TLC in concert
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