Chinchin Fish can Draw Blood and Spread Disease

Chinchin Fish can Draw Blood and Spread Disease, Fish Spa or fish bite therapy is quite popular because it is believed to be able to relieve fatigue and stress and can make the skin smooth. But enthusiasts of this therapy should be wary of some things.

Health experts warn that fish spa contains some risk of spreading diseases. Especially if the fish used is not Garra rufa or known as doctor fish.

Many fish spas today uses Chinchin fish because it is much cheaper than the Garra rufa fish.

Garra rufa fish have been used for years as a natural spa in Asia and Turkey, and over time this fish spa grows and had reached several countries.

Garra rufa fish likes to eat the dead skin cells of humans. These fish are used for feet beauty treatments (pedicure) and treat the symptoms of psoriasis.

But it turns out that these fish are difficult to clean, so some countries have issued regulations that say there is no way to ensure the cleanliness of this fish.

It should be noted that the Garra rufa fish should not be used repeatedly. Consumers should be sure first that the bowl or place used had been cleaned with disinfectant, basins and fish are used only for oneself and uses Garra rufa fish.

Researcher Martin Grassberger, MD from the Medical University of Vienna says that many fish spa in America uses Chinchin fish. Presumably this fish is also widely used in other countries.

“In addition there are fears of other health risks, some spas are known to use various types of fish known as chinchin, which is more aggressive than Garra rufa,” he said, according to MSNHealth.

Chinchin Fish actually has teeth which, as they get older, will potentially become more dangerous because it can damage the skin which makes it easier for the spread of infections.

Chinchin fish is known to draw blood and spread infectious diseases through blood such as hepatitis B which transmitted by the fish and water on open wounds, particularly in public pools.

This makes health experts worry that the fish could spread infections to customers through an open wound from customers who could become infected. This concern arises because most of the fish spa uses fish ponds that are used together or on turn between customers.

Now there are 14 states in the United States which prohibits the use of fish for spa treatments, including Texas and Florida.
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