Celebs Who Come From Money

Celebs Who Come From Money, Kyra Sedgwick This actress can claim not only a famous cousin, but also a wealthy, historically important family whose roots in the U.S. go back all the way to the American Revolution. sedgwick family U.S. history, kyra sedgwick edie sedgwick cousin,
Edward Norton's phenomenal acting earned him a place in pop culture history, but his family has another claim to fame: They helped popularize the shopping mall. edward norton rouse company,
Leelee Sobieski immediate family boasts more artsy types than it does snobby rich types, but Sobieski says her lineage traces back to royalty. sobieski family polish royalty, leelee sobieski bagel,
Jason Schwartzman "Rushmore" put him on the map as an actor, but he was far from the first member of his family to establish himself in Hollywood. In fact, his family might be one of the most powerful in Hollywood. jason schwartzman nephew of francis ford coppola, +jason schwartzman cousin of sophia coppola, +jason schwartzman cousin of nicholas cage,
Devon Aoki greatest claim to fame is probably having become a successful fashion model despite her small stature -- she's only 5 feet 5 inches tall -- but she's also appeared in movies such as "Sin City." It probably didn't hurt her career that she's a restaurant heiress. +devon aoki's father founded benihana,
Kristian Bush Of course, you hear that last name "Bush" and you start thinking all presidential. But Sugarland singer Kristian Bush is actually related to another tribe, whose last name you may have seen in your local grocery store… kristian bush baked beans,
Chevy Chase "Saturday Night Live" legend has more ties to wealthy business dynasties than the New York Stock Exchange does. That's not to say that they afforded him an incredibly moneyed upbringing, exactly, but he's nonetheless well connected. chevy chase crane plumbing, chevy chase cornelius vanderbilt anderson cooper,
Carly Simon legendary singer-songwriter was helped along by some pretty powerful financial backing, but don't worry about her artistic cred. This particular company is as much a cultural force as a commercial one. carly simon simon & schuster, who did carly simon write you're so vain about,
Spike Jonze If you don't know director Spike Jonze for his mind-blowingly creative films -- "Being John Malkovich," "Adaptation," "Where the Wild Things Are" -- then you might know him for his marriage to Sofia Coppola. But what you probably don't know is his tie to a certain billion-dollar catalog company. +spike jonze spiegel catalog,
Daphne Guinness A lot of the wealthier celebs on this list make a habit of seeming like they're just regular people -- or at least as close to regular as celebs can get. Not Daphne. This fashionista has a reputation for indulgence, conspicuous consumption, and couture that verges on downright batty. daphne guinness brewery heiress, daphne guinness married spyros niarchos,
Robert Wagner The "Hart to Hart" star, pictured here with his wife, Jill St. John, has been acting for decades, but he got a boost from the fact that his father worked in a powerful, money-making industry. robert wagner sr. detroit steel, jill st. john married barbara hutton's son,
Paul Giamatti acclaimed actor has a certain schlubby look to him that most people wouldn't read as "moneyed." But don't let appearances fool you; the Giamatti family is well funded and well connected. paul giamatti yale university, paul giamatti's father was commissioner of major league baseball?OCID=FBMSNWW,
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