Battle Royale Hunger Games

Battle Royale Hunger Games, Ever since Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games hit the mainstream and it was reported that the story would be turned into a movie people have been comparing the story to Battle Royale.

It’s not hard to see why people have been making the connection, as both stories involve children being forced to kill each other. But is there more to the comparison between films or does the relationship end there? I recently decided to take a look for myself.

We all know that The Hunger Games is arriving in theaters this Friday, but today also marks the first time that Battle Royale has been released on home video in the United States. Watching the movies and keeping the contrast in mind, I discovered that there are five very key differences between the two stories that will hopefully convince fans of the Japanese cult classic that the book by Collins and the film from writer/director Gary Ross is, in fact, not a rip off, but simply a different usage of a similar idea.

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