Amy Adams Hooters Waitress

Amy Adams Hooters Waitress, Amy Adams, the sweet, innocent Giselle from "Enchanted," laughs when she's asked about her previous life as a hostess at Hooters.

"Everyone would agree, if they could see me, Hooters isn't necessarily the best way to describe me. I was a dancer, and I used to run around ... more in a leotard and tights. I really didn't quite get it. I was so naïve about that. And I just thought, 'Well, it's a leotard and tights and shorts; it's not a big deal.' But there is a difference, and I learned it. But I was a hostess there, and that was sort of fun. I was 17, and then when I was 18, I waited [tables] for about a month. I wasn't cut out to be a waitress, and I certainly wasn't cut out to be a Hooters waitress. That was a short-lived ambition."

"I also worked at the Renaissance Festival, when I was growing up, so I'm familiar with what truly committed wenches dress like."
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