Adele Wrote 21 About her Ex-boyfriend Slinky Sunbeam

Adele Wrote 21 About her Ex-boyfriend Slinky Sunbeam, Sunbeam is the ex-boyfriend that is so widely sung about in Adele’s 21 album, so it is surprising that a photo of him hasn’t surfaced before now.

Sunbeam is a musician and an actor, and is also known as Slinky Winfield. The 25-year-old met Adele after she found success with her first album, 19, when they were introduced by mutual friends in London.

“Adele likes to keep part of her life back for herself, but it’s an open secret that Slinky was the guy who inspired 21,” a friend of Adele said. “It’s easy to see what attracted Adele to him. He’s a really popular guy, the life and soul of the party, and he’s a musician as well. But while Adele has the knack for writing songs which the whole world can tap into, Slinky’s material is more underground and kind of art-school trendy.”

According to the song “Someone Like You,” Sunbeam has since moved on to another lady after things with Adele didn’t work out. Adele always claimed that they simply grew apart, but apparently the real reason the pair broke up was because Sunbeam was getting a bit too close for comfort to Burberry model, Morwenna Lytton Cobbold. According to sources, Sunbeam is simply not the type of guy that can be tied down to one woman.

As for the man who inspired 19, the world is still waiting for him to surface. Although, he did try to get a bit of money off that album, claiming he is the reason why it sold so well.

Nowadays, Adele can be seen with her current beau, 36-year-old Simon Konecki, who has been married once and has a 5-year-old daughter.
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