30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates, Mortgage rates remain at or near all time record lows according to mortgage rate research website, ForTheBestRate.com. Home loan pricing displayed by various banks, lenders, and brokers in the rate tables has been among the lowest in the site's history. On Friday, January 6th, 2012 30 year fixed mortgage rates as low as 3.750% were posted (APR: 3.785%, Points: 0, Fees: $852, Lender: Everbank.) Pricing for 15 year fixed rate loans is near record setting lows as well, with advertised rates reaching 3.000% (APR: 3.061%, Points: 0, Fees: $852, Lender: Everbank.)

This pricing represents a small drop when compared to mortgage rates available during the last week of 2011. This decrease was also reported by Freddie Mac, a government sponsored enterprise and purchaser of residential mortgages on the secondary market, in their January 5th weekly rate survey. Data in the survey showed that the average 30 year fixed rate pricing fell to 3.91% (0.8 points) from an only slightly higher 3.95% (0.7 points.) 15 year fixed pricing saw a similar modest decline from 3.24% (0.8 points) the week ending December 29, 2011 to 3.23% (0.8 points) the following week.
Continued availability of mortgage rates below 4.00% for the 30 year fixed rate products is welcome news for homeowners interested in refinancing, but who held off during the holidays. "We tend to see things slow way down during December," said Brian Mitchell, Sales Manager with Gateway Bank Mortgage, a North Carolina mortgage company. "People are busy with the holidays, taking some vacation time, and might not be closely watching the mortgage market or in a position to act. Now that we're into the new year though, we're talking to a lot of people who are evaluating their finances and want to look into how a refi could help improve things."

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