Ultimate Tazer Ball

Ultimate Tazer Ball, There is very little information about this new sport. Ultimate Tazer Ball (UTB) was created by Leif Kellenberger in collaboration with partners Erik Wunsch and Erik Prum. The first competition took place in California this year (2012) and another will be held on 2 and 3 March 2012 in Bangkok in Thailand. Supposedly, there are already 12 franchises.

Basically Ultimate Tazer is played by two teams of 4 active players with a ball, two cages, and 8 Tasers , on a rectangular field about 61 meters by 26. The goal is to score points by placing or throwing a large ball in the opposing goal. The match consists of 3 periods of 7 minutes each with 3 minutes breaks between periods. If teams are tied after regulation time, a fourth period of 3 minutes is played. If at the end of this period the score is, the match will be a sudden death. The teams change ends at the end of each period of regulation time. Victory goes to the team with the highest score at the end of regulation time or overtime.

Each team has 1 "dead" time per period. Time stops for injuries, penalties or by decision of the arbitrators. A team consists of 7 players (4 active and 3 alternates). A match is refereed by three referees (one head referee and two assistants). A defensive player may remain in the impact area during the whole match but from the moment when two players are there, one of them may hold no more than 3 seconds. The only offensive player who can break into this area should have the ball. If there is a foul in the area of ​​impact, time stops, the ball is given to the opposing team and the game continues to whistle of the referee.

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