Tim Tebow Spoof

Tim Tebow Spoof, John Legend has some words of advice for football hero Tim Tebow. On ESPN’s “First Take” this week, John Legend took to his piano to perform a Tebow-ed out version of his 2004 tune “Ordinary People.” Renamed “Extra-Ordinary Tebow,” Legend the song tells the NFL QB to steer clear of high profile relationships and reality TV: “Deny Kim K advances, and TV ballroom dances.

Though it’s not a fantasy, because you all do is win.” As for Tebow’s career? Legend sings, “They can’t get enough of you, a nonstop honeymoon, way past the infatuation phase… Critics say you can’t play, that you’ve made your mistakes and that you still have room left to grow.”

Legend isn’t the first to spoof Tebow in recent weeks — Conan O’ Brien recreated his 80-yard winning touchdown for the Denver Broncos; and Jimmy Fallon dressed up as David Bowie and sang “Space Oddity,” which had a Tebow-themed lyric or two.

What do you think of Legend’s tribute? Does it match up to his original, or is it the work of a bandwagon fan?
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