Sofia Vergara Dated Tom Cruise

Sofia Vergara Dated Tom Cruise, Who is sofia vergara dating? Before there was Katie and Suri, Oprah and couch jumping – there was Sofia Vergara. But seconds after the Colombian actress Sofia left Tom, he quickly rebounded with Katie Holmes and proposed within three months.

It didn’t take long for Sofia Vergara to run from Tom once realizing how seriously her future husband’s Scientology beliefs would be pressured onto her, and it didn’t take him long to then romance Katie Holmes, whose latest role is Jackie Kennedy in the film The Kennedys, into a fairy tale marriage. Star magazine credits celebrity author Andrew Morton, who wrote Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, as the source who claims that the Night and Day actor was in love with Sofia, believing her to be the perfect wife, until his strong religious beliefs entered the picture.

It is said that Tom’s intention was to recruit Scientology to the Latin American culture, which was also a reason why Tom and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 actress and recently pregnant Penelope Cruz were together. Morton said, “[Tom and Sofia's] relationship ended in March 2005 when she backed out of a planned visit to the Scientology Center in Clearwater, Fla. and stopped returning his calls,” despite having met Tom’s kids Connor and Isabella.

The actress who plays a trophy wife on ABC’s Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family is currently dating banking heir Nick Loeb, and they’ve been together for eight months. She’s also dated British singer Craig David.

“Katie knew Tom dated Sofia, but she didn’t know how close they came to getting married,” a source tells Star. “Katie is a wallflower compared to Sofia, who is so vibrant and voluptuous.”
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