Simon Cowell Makes Big 'X Factor' Changes

 Simon Cowell Makes Big 'X Factor' Changes, On the one hand, Simon Cowell should be congratulated for moving swiftly and boldly to shake up The X Factor – putting blood on the floor Monday night with the firing of judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s two people left standing from the original five.

L.A. Reid and Cowell were, without question, the reasons to watch. Both men are respected in the industry, they know how to judge talent and, more than anything, their opinions matter. If The X Factor was ever going to separate itself from American Idol the judging had to be the most significant factor – a statement that in essence says, “We’re going to find true and lasting musical stars, not ogle or cuddle contestants.” For The X Factor to be different, it needs to create music industry longevity in its winners, not the relatively meager lasting power of American Idol winners.

Of course, now comes the hard part.

Scherzinger and Abdul didn’t really add much but comfort to The X Factor. They were mostly loving mother hens – cheering on their favorites with gushing support and truly feeling bad for thwarting the dreams of those acts looking to go forward. And Scherzinger was a beautiful diversion when things got boring. Jones may have just been a handsome diversion without the need to actually judge anyone.

Outside of Cowell’s very real friendship with Abdul – reiterated by both after the parting of ways – all three were expendable from a purely qualitative standpoint. No doubt Cowell, who hinted at these moves quite early on, already has a list of possible replacements or, more accurately, has then ready to sign at this very moment. He didn’t make this decision rashly. He wanted a better show and when he didn’t get it, replaced the parts that weren’t working.

At least that’s the working theory at this moment. He needs to make the announcements rather soon, or media outlets will sponsor guessing-game stories that fans will fill up with impossible people, raising expectations that can’t be met. “What do you mean you didn’t get Lady Gaga and the ghost of Elvis Presley? You suck!”
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