Rush Limbaugh Kathryn Rogers Dated for Three Years

Rush Limbaugh Kathryn Rogers Dated for Three Years, Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is dating the beautiful Kathryn Rogers. She is 26-years his junior. He is 57. She is 31. Rogers and Limbaugh met six months ago at a celebrity golf tournament in Miami.

They had kept the relationship from the public until this past Saturday night according to the Palm Beach Post.
“So much for me being a recluse,” Limbaugh said, mocking news reports claiming he rarely leaves his Palm Beach compound. “We met four years ago when Kathryn worked for (golf great) Gary Player. There was a charity tournament. She was rounding up the celebrities to participate in the event. She called me and I played. It was at The Floridian (Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga‘s private course near Stuart).

“We’ve stayed in touch since and started dating in the summer.”

Rush has been married three times. He was married for three years to his first wife Roxy Maxine McNeely. He then married Michelle Sixta in 1983. They were married for seven years. In 1994 Rush married Marta Fitzgerald and that lasted until 2004.
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