Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton Break up NY Girl of My Dreams Website

Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton Break up NY Girl of My Dreams Website, Patrick Moberg And Camille Hayton Break Up, Camille Hayton and Patrick Moberg Breakup? NO!!! (Sadly, yes.) Camille Hayton (NY Girl of My Dreams) and Patrick Moberg have split up. Goodbye!

The story is as follows …. Moberg had spotted Hayton on a New York subway and thought he found true love. Only problem – he didn’t know who she was. So Moberg sketched the above picture (without the picture insert) and made a wesbite to find her – 48 hours, the New Yorker found the fellow resident and suddenly – they were in love. Her name – Camille Hayton.

Now months later it is revealed today that the two had split, in fact, two months after dating. Sadly the couple still friends chose to remain hush about the breakup.

Why? Camille and Patrick felt that the public had fallen in love with their story, their romantic tale, and they didn’t want to break the sad news. Plus, Hayton and Moberg wanted others to come up with their own romantic ending to how the story might have concluded.

But in the end, sadly, news slipped to press, and today we know … that the romance is over.

As promised, the next feature of this not-so-cool but no-so-bad either blog is something about the heart, a tale of romance that have captured the imagination of millions. And I got just that, and it’s one of my favorite stories. This tale is not Hollywood but I can call it a modern day fairytale, as it happened in real life some years ago that started underneath the surface of New York City…

Patrick Moberg is an ordinary 21-year-old who works as a web designer in New York, one night on his way home he decided to catch Train No. 5 at the Union Station. He paid his ticket and went into the train car full of people. He leaned on the door not because there were not sits availabe but probably standing was thing, besides its not a long trip like from Cubao to Baclaran. It was a typical day for him in the office, deadlines and projects, that sort of stuff. But then he saw her sitting on the bench right in front of him.

She had rosy cheeks, a flower in her left ear, wearing blue gym short with blue tights. He noticed she was writing something. He politely asked her what she was writing, she smiled at him and as the train stopped she got up either to answer him or to ask him to stay away. They made eye-contact, really solid good eye contact. But everyone rushed in between them to depart the train. He kept staring at her as she among the crowd made way into the door. He is a romantic person and he just saw and instantly fell in love with this brunette girl. He thought it seem crazy but right there he saw the girl of his dreams walking away. He knew he has gotta to find her.

A few hours before the encounter, an apartment block burned down. She already told her mom back home in Australia about what happened and what a bad week its been for her. She usually avoid the New York subway, but after what happened to her house she decided to stay over at her friend. The quickest way was the subway. She boarded Train No. 5 in Union Station bound for Bowling Green.

Patrick just lost her. He felt the pain of finding something that’s so beautiful, someone he has waited all his life and lost her. Again, he knew he has gotta to find her. Never felt so sure. But in a city of millions that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Other people might have given up so easily, shrug the flame off and move on with their lives. But he does not give up easy. And his extraordinary search to find the mysterious brunette begins.

In a bid to locate her, Patrick set up a website, , and posted that cute drawing of himself, the girl, and the place and time they met.

In 48 hours, Patrick received countless calls, emails and text messages from people wanted to help him. Until he finally found her. The mysterious young lady’s name is Camille Hayton, a 22 year old Australian intern for a magazine. The two started dating in no time.
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