Octavia Spencer Surgery

Octavia Spencer Surgery, Fans of Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress, Octavia Spencer, like her just the way she is. However, the actress is making plans for a bit of alteration. She’s considering a trip to a plastic surgeon.

The lovely and talented Ms. Spencer wants a breast lift. She told Parade magazine, “I figured going into my forties I want my b**bs where they were when I was 17.”

No one would begrudge Octavia the act of vanity. She’s a beautiful woman with a lot of elegance and grace. If a b**b job will make her feel even more confident, why not take advantage of the opportunity? That’s especially true given that Spencer promotes a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right and working out.

Before her fall surgery, however, The Help star has another movie to finish with writer/director, Cody Diablo. The film will shoot for roughly four months, outside the U.S. “I wouldn’t be back here until about August,” Spencer admits. So I want to do this (the surgery) around November. Then…I could just relax until January.”
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