Man Marries Corpse Bride

Man Marries Corpse Bride, A Thai man married his girlfriend's corpse earlier this month, and then posted a video of the ceremony on YouTube, reported on Sunday.

To wed each other, the 28-year-old groom, Chadil Deffy, put a gold ring on his girlfriend's body as she lay in a casket wearing a wedding dress.

Family and friends praised the groom's devotion to his longtime girlfriend, whom he had promised to marry before she suddenly died in a car crash at 29 years old. The two met in college and had planned to get married for quite a while.

Although initially seen as a supremely romantic gesture of his devotion, the backlash has begun, with people accusing Deffy of searching for publicity and fame.

That's simply not true, said Deffy's friend, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, in the MSNBC article. Deffy "wasn't thinking about the possibility of fame when he decided to put a ring on her cold finger," Pravattiyagul said. "He merely wanted to make things right, however small or inadequate the gesture might seem."

Regardless of whether you think the ceremony seems like a publicity ploy or simply a sweet, heartbreaking gesture, it's worth noting that Deffy isn't the only one bringing the dead into his romantic life.

In Wisconsin, a man blamed his wife's apparent beatings on a ghost, according to the New York Daily News.

Michael West, a 41-year-old in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, was arrested for allegedly beating his wife on January 15. Instead of owning up to his wife's injuries -- police found her crying very hard with blood streaming out of her nose -- West told cops that she had fallen and hurt her face.

When police asked about marks around her neck, West gave up the traditional excuse and told them that a ghost attacked her. West's wife, Rebecca, gave a more horrific, albeit believable, version of the story: Her husband punched her in the face and strangled her until she couldn't see after an argument.
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