Long Lasting Celebrity Couples

Long Lasting Celebrity Couples, Not every celeb couple gets married and then divorced on a whim. Some actually care about each other and can stay hitched for enough time to, you know, learn each other's middle names. Have a look at some couples that buck the stereotype.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, A likable, genuine-seeming couple with a flair for comedy, Hanks and Wilson have been a mainstay couple at Hollywood awards shows for years. tom hanks rita wilson married 23 years, tom hanks rita wilson bosom buddies, how did john travolta meet kelly preston?,
Regis and Joy Philbin, Reege has been in the business almost as long as anyone can remember, and his second wife, Joy, has been by his side nearly from the beginning. In fact, they're one of the longest-lived couples around. regis and joy philbin married 41 years, regis philbin retirement,
John Travolta and Kelly Preston, As a couple, they've survived a lot. After all, one year in Hollywood is basically 10 years in a sane place, so John and Kelly are already into the triple digits. john travolta kelly preston married 20 years, how did john travolta meet kelly preston?,
Denzel and Pauletta Washington, For his entire career as a leading man, Denzel Washington has been married to the same woman. And that's notable because a majority of leading men dump their original wife for a younger model. denzel pauletta washington married 28 years, how did denzel washington meet his wife?,
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, They're such media personalities now that it's almost easy to forget that Ozzy married Sharon just a few years into Black Sabbath's popularity. If they can put up with each other this long, then they're probably in it for the long run. ozzy sharon osbourne married for 29 years, how did ozzy osbourne meet sharon?
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, With most Hollywood couples, one member clearly shines brighter than the other. In the case of this Hollywood power couple, however, they're pretty evenly matched in terms of their current level of fame. kevin bacon kyra sedgwick married for 23 years, how did kevin bacon and kyra sedgwick meet,
Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, Here's a feat. danny devito rhea perlman married for 30 years, In addition to being one of Hollywood's longest-lived couples, these two are also almost certainly one of the shortest, with a combined height of about 10 feet. danny devito rhea perlman married for 30 years, how did danny devito and rhea perlman meet,
Dustin and Lisa Hoffman, While anyone with even a slight awareness of acting knows Dustin Hoffman's name, his wife, Lisa, is a commercial force outside Hollywood; she's the founder of her own cosmetic line, which specializes in perfumes. dustin and lisa hoffman married for 31 years,
Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova, When they initially wed, it seemed like this frontman of The Cars and his knockout, fashion plate wife, Paulina Porizkova, were the least likely couple ever. All these years later, however, they're still going strong. ric ocasek paulina porizkova married for 22 years, how did ric ocasek meet paulina porizkova,
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, You know what keeps a couple going strong? Communication. And you'll have plenty of that if one of the members of the relationship is Kelly Ripa. Even if Mark Consuelos were mute, there would still be enough communication to keep this marriage going strong. mark consuelos kelly ripa married for 15 years, how did kelly ripa meet mark consuelos?,
Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock, It clearly was the right move for McEntire to marry her manager. They not only have stayed together ever since, but also made it so people could refer to them as "Reebz 'n' Narvel," which is the best name for a couple ever. reba mcentire narvel blackstock married for 22 years, how did reba mcentire meet her husband?,
Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, We say that their long-lasting marriage is a testament to Kate Capshaw's acting ability. She plays a grade-A whiner in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," and if she were anything like her on-screen character, then these two would have split up years ago. steven spielberg kate capshaw married for 20 years, jessica capshaw,
Meryl Streep and Don Gummer, Want to know why sculptor Don Gummer is more clever than most of the people we write about on Wonderwall? Because despite being married to one of the most famous actresses alive today, he's managed to keep himself out of the spotlight and retain a private life. Well done, Mr. Gummer. meryl streep don gummer married for 33 years, +how did meryl streep meet her husband?,
Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Rumblings about marital discord late last year came and went, but these two are still going strong. If they play their cards right, then they'll be the power couple to beat years from now. will smith jada pinkett married for 14 years, how did will smith and jada pinkett meet?,
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, She's best known for her acting achievements, but Annette Bening also gets to boast that she's the one who reeled in avowed ladies' man Warren Beatty. Who would have thought he'd be the type to get married and stay married? warren beatty annette bening married for 19 years, +how did warren beatty and annette bening meet,
David Bowie and Iman, Is it a case of "opposites attract"? Or is the spaceman rock star the Somalian beauty's soul mate? Regardless of why it works, their marriage has endured. Here's to being weird, David and Iman! david bowie iman married for 19 years, how did david bowie meet iman,
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest, When I say that these two get to lord their marriage over short-lived Hollywood couples, it has special meaning: Christopher Guest actually is a titled lord, and Jamie Lee Curtis, upon marrying him, became a lady. jamie lee curtis christopher guest married for 27 years, jamie lee curtis lady hayden-guest,
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman is still a relatively recent addition to Hollywood, but don't forget that he and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, were married in their native Australia years before Hugh's American stardom. hugh jackman deborra-lee furness married for 15 years, hugh jackman deborra-lee furness, hugh jackman deborra-lee furness married for 15 years,
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, They'd be a fun Hollywood couple if they weren't exclusively a Manhattan couple. This fashionable pair have been creative with style from the beginning of their union: SJP wore a black dress on her wedding day. sarah jessica parker matthew broderick married for 14 years, +how did matthew broderick and sarah jessica parker meet,
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, The stereotype of country music may be that it's all about losing your lover and suffering all manner of bad luck, but these two seem to have found good luck in their marriage. Here's to them making more beautiful music together. faith hill tim mcgraw married for 15 years, how did tim mcgraw and faith hill meet,
David and Victoria Beckham, The couple that poses together... goes-es together? Maybe that doesn't work, but these two stylish Brits might be in it for the long haul. Who would have guessed that a Spice Girl would have made such good wife material? david victoria beckham married 12 years, beckhams moving to europe?,
Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink, Again, they're only junior members of Long-Lasting Celeb Marriage Club, but we're hoping the best for this "Grey's Anatomy" star and his makeup artist wife. patrick dempsey jillian fink married for 12 years, how did patrick dempsey meet his wife?,

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