+Linsanity Ice Cream

+Linsanity Ice Cream, That was fast. Ben & Jerry’s released a limited edition ice cream called “Taste The Lin-Sanity” yesterday, for sale exclusively in Harvard Square in Boston.

It was decided that Jeremy Lin tastes like vanilla frozen yogurt, lychee honey, and fortune cookies. Not surprisingly, the fortune cookie bit didn’t go over so well but not for reasons you might think.

It’s not that putting fortune cookies in the Jeremy Lin ice cream is racist, insists general manager Ryan Midden. It’s that the cookies were getting soggy in the frozen yogurt and customers were returning the pints! Duh!

Midden told the Boston Globe: “There seemed to be a bit of an initial backlash about it, but we obviously weren’t looking to offend anybody and the majority of the feedback about it has been positive.”

Considering the racially charged backlash that has hit a variety of insensitive/foolish media outlets over the last few weeks, it looks like B&J is using the old “soggy cookies” defense to protect their asses from a similar firestorm. It makes us wonder if they will realize the ignorance of the lychee fruit, which comes from Southeast Asia and not Taiwan, where Lin’s family is from.

Next time, Ben & Jerry, you might want to consider adding a little sweat and maybe pieces of the Band-Aid that was always hanging from Lin’s chin to the yogurt and calling it a day. Or doing some research on lychee fruit.
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