Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Married for Second Time

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Married for Second Time, Kim, 30 and Krickitt carpenter,26, have decided to marry for the second time on Saturday. The couple will renew their vows in a small log chapel in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

Krickitt said that it'll be like a first wedding, because she don't have a memory of marrying him as she cuddles with her 30-year-old husband whom she affectionately calls Kimmer.

Krickitt suffered a severe head injury in a car crash after their wedding in 1993.

When she emerged from a month long coma, she no longer knew Kim, having lost all memory of the previous 18 months including meeting and marrying her husband.

Her short-term memory, however, was much more severely and permanently damaged.

Now the couple had to rebuild their romance after an accident left him with no memory of their marriage.
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