Keira Knightley Spray Tan

Keira Knightley Spray Tan, Keira Knightley fake tan fail, The need to have a hint of golden skin. Not everyone is born with it, so it’s no secret that celebs often get a little spray tan before hitting the red carpet, but sometimes it works against them.

Case in point: Keira Knightley donned a beautiful brown Burberry gown at the A Dangerous Method premiere in London last night, and then she turned around to show the dress’ open back… That’s when we saw the splotchy fake-tan gaffe.

Now how did this happen? Well, maybe when it was time to rinse off the sticky and smelly top coat of her spray tan in the shower, she scrubbed (huge no-no). Or maybe it wasn’t even a spray tan at all! james righton keira knightley, Keira Knightley Battled Dyslexia With 'Sense and Sensibility',

What if the starlet used a sunless tanner from a bottle? Then that would totally explain why it got splotchy on her back—that’s a tough area to get, unless you had a friend with you. But then, that friend should have done a better job or at least warned her before stepping out in front of cameras. Shame!

It’s really no biggie. Keira looked gorgeous regardless, and it’s not like she’s the first to fall victim to the fake tan. And she definitely won’t be the last.
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