Kate Middleton Puppy Lupo

Kate Middleton Puppy Lupo, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband the Duke have revealed the name of their adorable three-month-old black cocker spaniel puppy. The little guy's name is Lupo, which is the Italian word for wolf. Any chance they're "Game of Thrones" fans? Yeah, we know it's a stretch, but it's certainly possible.

Speculation about the name has been running high since the couple was given the dog as a gift before Christmas. Lupo is said to be keeping the Duchess company while William is in the Falklands, according to the Telegraph. Aides had called the name a "private matter," but Kate revealed the name during a visit to Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford.

The children had picked out a toy dog for Kate to hug. Abubakr Hussain, one of the students in the Art Room handed her the toy because she has a puppy. Kate said, "Why don't we call it after my dog? He's called Lupo." We're hoping to see a picture of the royal puppy soon.

Source: zap2it
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