Jessica Alba is a Strict Mother

Jessica Alba is a Strict Mother, Jessica Alba is a “really effective disciplinarian”, says her husband Cash Warren. The couple have two daughters together - three-year-old Honor Marie and Haven Garner, who was born in August.

Jessica and Cash appreciate each other’s parenting skills. While Jessica says Cash is more laidback, he claims the actress lays down the rules at home.

“Cash is very playful and loving – he’s a very considerate father. He’s totally in the moment and plays with Honor and takes her places. He’s super hands-on – he’s a very cool dad for sure,” she told OK! magazine, before Cash described Jessica’s mothering abilities.

“Jessica’s very loving, nurturing and also a really effective disciplinarian!” he smiled.

Jessica has a hectic lifestyle now she’s a mother to two young girls.

The stunning star admits to being a little bit too meticulous when it comes to housework.

“I’m a little funny about mess, I’m crazy! I used to label everything but I’ve eased up a little bit on that,” she laughed.

“It’s such a weird thing – I don’t know what my problem is!”
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