Harry Styles Pixie Geldof

 Harry Styles Pixie Geldof, Harry Styles has been enjoying being 18 so far, his birthday was only a few days ago but he’s not wasting a single moment not going out. Harry spent Saturday night at a boozy dinner in Shoreditch House in east London with Pixie Geldof at a party organised by his new BFF Nick Grimshaw.

A source told The Sun: "Harry has become big mates with Nick and was invited out with some of his Primrose Hill pals. He'd only been back from America for a couple of days but still fancied a night out.
"He wanted to carry on his birthday celebration and he knew that with this lot he'd have an interesting time."

What we want to know is where the rest of One Direction boys were. Did anyone spot them out?

Bonus Harry Fact: Peaches Geldof asked for Harry’s phone number a few months ago, he handed it over, but he gave her a fake one. Ouch. We wonder if Pixie and Harry talked about that over dinner.

Source: heatworld
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