Famous May-December couples

Famous May-December couples, February is the perfect month to highlight romance. In keeping with the season, we look at the May-December unions of famous couples such as Rep. Barney Frank, 71, who recently announced his plans to marry partner Jim Ready, 42. The age gap isn’t holding back these May-December couples. Famous May-December couples, barney frank marriage plans, barney frank + Jim Ready,

Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn - Despite their rocky beginnings, Woody Allen, 75, and Soon-Yi Previn went on to adopt two daughters and are still together today. woody allen and soon-yi previn, soon-yi previn and woody allen scandal, Soon-Yi Previn age 40, soon-yi previn adopted daughter of mia farrow, soon-yi previn woody allen 1992, bechet and manzie allen,
Tiki Barber & Traci Johnson - The 36-year-old former New York Giants running back allegedly hooked up with Johnson when his now ex-wife was pregnant with twins. What’s holding up their wedding plans? traci lynn johnson 24, ginny barber twins, tiki barber and traci johnson May wedding delayed pending divorce , tiki barber traci johnson nbc intern, tiki barber traci johnson dating since 2008,
Eric Clapton & Melia McEnery - Guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton, 66, tied the knot with young graphic artist Melia McEnery in a surprise ceremony. Melia McEnery age 35, eric clapton secret wedding, eric clapton and melia mcenery, eric clapton and melia mcenery met at charity auction, eric clapton and melia mcenery met in 1999, eric clapton and melia mcenery three daughters,
Jim Clark & Kristy Hinze - Netscape founder Jim Clark, 67, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kristy Hinze were married in 2009. Netscape founder Jim Clark, jim clark netscape, Kristy Hinze age 32, jim clark kristy hinze married, jim clark met kristy hinze at new york restaurant, jim clark kristy hinze together since 2006, jim clark kristy hinze $100 million yacht,
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones - Oscar winners Michael Douglas, 67, and Catherine Zeta-Jones have two kids together. Zeta-Jones was with Douglas throughout his cancer battle, and he's been by her side through a high-profile struggle with mental illness. catherine zeta-jones age 42, michael douglas throat cancer, catherine zeta-jones bipolar disorder, michael douglas and catherine zeta jones, michael douglas and catherine zeta jones Deauville Film Festival, michael douglas and catherine zeta jones together since 1998, michael douglas "I'd like to father your children",
Edwin Edwards & Trina Scott Edwards - Ex-convict and former Gov. Edwin Edwards tied the knot with a bride more than 50 years his junior. Not surprisingly, it wasn't the 84-year-old's first time down the aisle. edwin edwards racketeering, edwin edwards married, edwin edwards third wife, edwin edwards marries prison pen pal, edwin edwards met wife during eight-year prison term, Candy Picou Edwards born in 1964,
Bryan Ferry & Amanda Sheppard - Roxy Music lead singer Bryan Ferry, 67, tied the knot last month with his son’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Sheppard. This is the first marriage for the bride. Ferry and his first wife, Lucy Helmore, divorced in 2003 after 21 years of marriage. Amanda Sheppard + 29, Bryan Ferry and Amanda Sheppard met in 2009 when she was dating his son, Bryan Ferry and Amanda Sheppard met in 2009 when she was dating his son,
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart - Whoever would have guessed that Indiana Jones and the 47-year-old actress who played Ally McBeal would end up together? Harrison Ford age 68, calista flockhart age 47, calista flockhart harrison ford met at 2002 golden globes, calista flockhart harrison ford together 8 years, harrison ford wore jeans at wedding,
Newt & Callista Gingrich - Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, 68, married his younger wife, Callista, in 2000.They began dating while he was still married to his second wife. +Newt Gingrich age 68, newt gingrich running for president, newt gingrich and callista married in 2000, Callista Gingrich age 45, newt gingrich callista bisek former congressional aide, newt and callista began affair in 1993,
Doug Hutchison & Courtney Stodden - The 51-year-old "Green Mile" star and the aspiring teen singer put the spotlight on their controversial marriage with a series of bizarre interviews. Courtney Stodden 17, courtney stodden met online acting workshop, doug hutchison courtney stodden four-month courtship,
Larry & Shawn King - Larry King, 78, and his wife, Shawn, called off their divorce last year and seemed to be a happy family during the TV host's last CNN show. +larry king age 78, shawn king age 52 November 5, 1959, larry and shawn king call off divorce, cannon king impression, shawn and larry king met at tiffany's, larry and shawn king married in 1997, larry and shawn king married in hospital room,
Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich - U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, 65, and his statuesque British wife turn plenty of heads when they're on the campaign trail. +Dennis Kucinich age 65, Elizabeth Kucinich age 34, elizabeth and dennis kucinich met when she visited his office, elizabeth and dennis kucinich married 2005, dennis kucinich proposed to Elizabeth Kucinich during their second meeting,
Rush Limbaugh & Kathryn Rogers - Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, 61, and his new bride began dating a few years after he divorced his second wife. Rush Limbaugh age 61, +Kathryn Rogers Limbaugh born 1976, rush limbaugh kathryn rogers met at celebrity golf tournament, rush limbaugh kathryn rogers dated for three years, elton john rush limbaugh wedding,
Nelson Mandela & Graca Machel - The Nobel Peace Prize winner and the widow of another African leader surprised everyone with their wedding on his 80th birthday. graca machel born 1945 66-years-old, nelson mandela wedding 1998, nelson mandela and graca machel met 1990 after he was released from prison, nelson mandela and graca machel married 1998,
John & Cindy McCain - Arizona's Sen. McCain, 75, and his heiress wife married the same year he divorced his first wife. cindy mccain beer company, cindy mccain age 57, john mccain first wife, john mccain met cindy at military reception, john mccain cindy 1979,
Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell - Former Beatle Paul McCartney, 69, wed Nancy Shevell, his girlfriend of four years in a civil ceremony in London in October. McCartney had exchanged vows at the venue decades before. paul mccartney age 69, nancy shevell age 51, paul mccartney and nancy shevell wed in same location as ceremony with Linda , paul mccartney first seen together in Long Island’s Hamptons , paul mccartney $650,000 ring, nancy shevell vice president new england motor, +paul mccartney five children,
Les Moonves & Julie Chen - The 62-year-old CBS president married the much-younger "Big Brother" host shortly after he divorced his first wife. big brother + julie chen, julie chen age 42, nancy wiesenfeld moonves, julie chen cbs morning news anchor, les moonves julie chen dating since 2000,
Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng - The embattled media mogul, 80, and his Chinese-born wife are in the spotlight for his company's phone-hacking scandal and her pie-blocking skills. wendi deng 43 years old, phone hacking scandal, wendi deng interpreter for rupert murdoch, wendi deng rupert murdoch together since 1998,
Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock - The 53-year-old longtime bachelor -- already a father of two -- married his Olympian girlfriend in a lavish ceremony last summer. prince albert illegitimate child, charlene wittstock 34, prince albert charlene wittstock $65 million wedding, prince albert met charlene at swimming event, prince albert and charlene dating since 2005, prince albert paternity test,
President Nicolas Sarkozy & Carla Bruni - The French president and his 43-year-old model-singer wife married in a hush-hush ceremony after a whirlwind romance. nicolas sarkozy 57 years old, carla bruni nicolas sarkozy secret wedding, nicolas sarkozy carla bruni met at dinner party, nicolas sarkozy carla bruni engaged 2007, carla bruni pregnant,
Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum & Princess Haya - The 37-year-old princess and Olympic equestrian is the junior wife of the much older prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. princess haya equestrian, islam junior wives, mohammed bin rashid al maktoum age 62, sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al maktoum princess haya met at World Equestrian Games, princess haya married in 2004, sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al maktoum 17 children,
Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster-Stewart - Rocker Rod Stewart, 67, and his model wife welcomed their second child last February. Rod Stewart age 67, Penny Lancaster-Stewart age 40, rod stewart penny lancaster baby, rod stewart penny lancaster met at christmas party, rod stewart penny lancaster together 10 years, rod stewart penny lancaster infertility,
Taylor-Wood & Aaron Johnson - Director Sam Taylor-Wood, 44, and actor Aaron Johnson welcomed their second child in January. Sam Taylor Wood age 44, Actor Aaron Johnson age 21, sam taylor wood and aaron johnson welcome baby girl, sam taylor wood and aaron johnson met on nowhere boy, sam taylor wood and aaron johnson 2009, sam taylor wood "everyone who matters is happy",
Fred & Jeri Thompson - Former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, 69, who starred in a long-running prime-time drama, married his much younger political consultant wife in 2002. Fred Thompson age 69, Jeri Thompson age 45, fred and jeri thompson met in checkout line, fred and jeri thompson together since 1996, fred thompson trophy wife favorite possession,
Donald & Melania Trump - The former presidential contender and star of "The Apprentice" and Slovenian model Melania Trump, now 41, married in 2005 and had a son in 2006. donald trump not running for president, donald trump age 64 June 14, 1946, Melania Trump age 41, donald and melania trump met at fashion event, donald and melania trump together since 1999,
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