Famous Boy Scouts

Famous Boy Scouts, February 8 is Boy Scouts Day, which marks the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. In celebration of the group's 102nd birthday, we're taking a look at some famous former Boy Scouts. famous boy scouts, boy scouts day, boy scouts of america, William Dickson Boyce,

Baseball all-time No. 2 home-run leader, Hank Aaron, This Major League Baseball legend – and Eagle Scout – went on to receive one of the Boy Scouts' highest honors. silver buffalo award, Hank Aaron, hank aaron + hammer,
+First person to step on the moon, neil armstrong, This former NASA standout inspired Boy Scouts everywhere when he made his famous landing in 1969. apollo 11 moon landing, neil armstrong, apollo 11,

Mayor of new york city, Michael Bloomberg, This well-to-do city leader and Eagle Scout has been pegged as a potential presidential candidate, but so far he's staying put. What helped him keep his position? new york city mayor terms extended to three terms,
+Supreme Court justice appointed by Clinton in 1994, Supreme court justice stephen breyer, This Eagle Scout taught law at a prestigious university before taking his seat on the nation's highest court in 1994. harvard university, supreme court, associate justice of the supreme court,
A Texan President 43rd president, President George W. Bush, This son of a former president grew up in Texas – where he became governor – and was part owner of a baseball team before taking office. 43rd president, george hw bush, george w bush + dallas residence ,
42nd president, Pesident William J. Clinton, This two-term president – the second commander in chief to be impeached has become known for his philanthropic work with a fellow former president. 42nd president, president Andrew Johnson, george hw bush, secretary of state hillary clinton,
A Big-screen Action Star, Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, This Hollywood A-lister played a reluctant rebel in the "Star Wars" franchise, a falsely accused husband in "The Fugitive" and a CIA agent in film versions of Tom Clancy thrillers. tom clancy novels patriot games, clear and present danger,
A History-making President - President Barack Obama, 44th president, This former U.S. senator made history when he was elected president in 2008.
Rolling Stones rhythm guitarist, Keith Richards, This rock 'n' roll legend co-founded a famous quartet and is considered one of the world. greatest guitarists of all time, rolling stones,
A 'Dirty' TV Host, Mike Rowe, dirty jobs host, This former QVC host and Eagle Scout sends new Eagle Scouts a congratulatory letter if they request it. He takes on dirty jobs on the Discovery Channel and is a pitchman for this car company. ford motor company, mike rowe opera singer,
A Pitching Legend - nolan ryan, baseball no. 1 strikeout leader, This Texas native had a long career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball and later became owner of a major league team. major league baseball, texas rangers, the ryan express,
An Oscar-winning Director - steven spielberg, schindler's list director, This former Boy Scout went on to direct classics such as "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial," "Saving Private Ryan" and a Best Picture winner about the Holocaust. the holocaust, Cincinnati, Ohio, schindler's list academy awards,
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