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Environment Canada Coal, Canadians will see both health and economic benefits if the federal government follows through rapidly on draft regulations to crack down on pollution from coal-fired electricity plants, says newly released briefing notes from Environment Canada.

The department also has identified the oil and gas sector as a "priority" in the next step of its climate-change plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the briefing notes which suggest draft regulations in that booming sector could be introduced this year.

The documents, prepared in September right after the government had introduced draft regulations to crack down on pollution from coal plants, noted the urgency of delivering meaningful regulations for coal-fired electricity.

"Economic considerations compel action now," said the briefing notes from Sept. 7, 2011, released to Postmedia News through access to information legislation. "The industry is facing major capital stock turnover."

The background advice, approved by Mike Beale, an assistant deputy minister at Environment Canada, noted that two-thirds of coal-fired generation in the country or 31 plants, would be closing or coming to the end of their economic life by 2025, while 17 plants would close within the next three years.

"Absent government regulation, industry may build new coal-fired units, which would increase the cost of future emissions reductions and lead to stranded generation assets."

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