Daytona 500 Starting Lineup

Daytona 500 Starting Lineup, Kurt Busch, Busch has been one of the circuit's better racers over the last few years, and a mediocre starting position is not going to do anything to change that. This is a guy with 24 career wins that has been a top 10 machine throughout his career.

With his style of racing, if Busch finds his way to the top 10, he can find his way to the winner's circle.
To win from the back of the pack, you have to race aggressively and take chances that you wouldn't normally take. The good thing for Busch is that he always races with aggression, so this isn't going to be a real change for him.If you noticed that he was starting from a pretty good place in 2009 but still getting better, give yourself a nice hearty pat on the back. Montoya knows this track well and has become an increasingly bigger factor at Daytona every year since switching to NASCAR.

While starting from Row 18 could not have been a part of the game plan, he's still a real threat to work his way up and take the checkered flag.

Montoya is a fantastic pure racer, which is a necessary skill when starting from so far back.If anyone really doubts that Bayne can win from the back of the back, I would suggest that you look at his 2011 Daytona 500. In that race, he started from the rather unimpressive 32nd position but when the race was over, it was Bayne standing tall over the rest of the field.

Now, we're looking at a similar starting spot, but counting him out would be foolish. Bayne knows that he can win at this track, which is an incredibly valuable tool. More importantly, he knows how to race at Daytona and is not going to be intimidated by the sport's big names.

Pulling of a double from the back of the pack would be one of the sport's greatest achievements, but Bayne has the chops to do that.

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