Christina Aguilera Drip Leg

Christina Aguilera Drip Leg, Christina Aguilera Leg Drip Photo Grosses Out Neil Patrick Harris On 'The Talk' (VIDEO), Christina Aguilera spray tan, Many bloggers are going up and arms over the “Christina Aguilera Leg Drip” incident, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, don’t worry, it’s not earth shattering news.

To the point, Aguilera was performing at Etta James’ funeral, and there appeared to be a brownish fluid dripping down one of her legs.

There are so many theories about what it could be-all of them with varied degrees of grossness. However, The Talk had to get Neil Patrick Harris’ point of view of the accident since he was backstage when it happened. outlaw tanning bed minors

At first he thought, or rather hoped, it was just a run in her stockings. In fact, people from Aguilera’s camp are saying that it was tanner. But the more Harris watched, the more it grossed him out. “I was dry-heaving as I was watching. It’s awful. Could it not have been clear? It would have been so much easier to explain,” he said.
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