The Bachelor and Live Taping

The Bachelor and Live Taping, The Bachelor And Live Taping, Who wins The Bachelor 2012? Spoilers claim it’s Courtney Robertson. But are Courtney and Ben still together? Spoilers now claim that Courtney and Ben have broke up, that Ben allegedly feels deceived by Courtney, while Courtney is miffed that Ben Flajnik has allegedly acted single as ever since the finale.

Tonight, the Bachelor 2012 Hometown episode airs. The series is down to four final contestants. But the eventual winner, reportedly, has already broken up with Ben since taping ended.

If you are hoping to find a romance that lasts forever in the Bachelor 2012 final episode, you allegedly won’t. Tonight’s episode begins exactly as online spoilers claimed months ago. We have four final women. Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox, Kacie Boguskie, and model Courtney Robertson are still in the competition. With her best Charlie Sheen language, Robertson has told viewers for weeks that she is “winning” and that she will win The Bachelor 2012 season.

Ryan Seacrest, RealitySteve, and even Ben’s own dog have indicated that Courtney Robertson does win The Bachelor 2012 season. Both men reported months ago that Courtney gets the final rose. Moreover, Courtney has since taping ended been spotted walking Ben’s dog.
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