Angelina Jolie Expecting Twins

Angelina Jolie Expecting Twins, It’s all a part of pregnancy, you know it and I know it, you get bigger, and the old clothes just don’t want to fit anymore. So begrudgingly you put aside your old clothes, and cringe as you begin to wear clothes that are several sizes bigger than you ever thought you’d be.

Going from a bump to completely PREGNANT is chaos for your clothes. Not only do your old clothes no longer fit, but you you don’t know where to turn…other than over sized sweat pants and 2-times-too-big t-shirts. Prepare to look like you’re wearing a tarp instead of clothes, because that’s your future.

Oh wait, that’s NOT your future! Anyone who’s been pregnant knows the terror was looking – and feeling – unappealing. But, the maternity market has grown by leaps and bounds. You’ll be amazed at what you find. I STILL wear one of my maternity dresses, and no one knows it but me (and now, all of you).

Various stores sell a variety of maternity clothes, everything from pants and shirts to dresses and sweaters. You can also find cute mommy-to-be accessories and maternity-musts like specialized bras and panties. You can even find comfortable shoes for swollen feet!

Clothes are designed to look as seamless with your regular wardrobe as possible. Elastic and other stretchy materials are concealed in overall design. And, in some cases, they are used to accentuate your growing bump. Need a little inspiration? Page through your latest People Magazine for celebrity trends. With an onslaught of Hollywood babies, us everyday gals have a lot of inspiration to pull from.

Don’t sell yourself short, you don’t need to wear a toga for the next nine months. Showcase your beauty and the beauty of your growing bump.
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