Woman Carrot Ring

Woman Carrot Ring, A Swedish woman’s recent toiling in her garden turned up a rather unexpected harvest when she pulled a carrot out of the ground ‘wearing’ the wedding ring she had lost back in 1995. After 16 years, Lena and Ola, who reside near Mora, Dalarna, in central Sweden, had given up hope of ever finding Lena’s lost wedding ring. The ring, which Lena had designed herself, went missing after she had put it on the kitchen counter in midst of a holiday baking session back in 1995.

The couple engaged in a frantic search for the ring, even checked behind the appliances and beneath the floor boards when renovating the kitchen a few years later, but to no avail. But as Lena was about to gather the last of the carrots from the family vegetable patch, she pulled out a carrot that had something attached to it. As the carrot was so small, she was about to throw it away when she realized what it was that appeared to be ‘growing’ around the finger-sized vegetable.”
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