White House Michelle Obama Lingerie

White House Michelle Obama Lingerie, Michelle Obama 50000 lingerie, The White House has shot down reports that Michelle Obama spent 50, 000 dollars on a single visit to an Agent Provocateur store.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the luxury lingerie brand's boutique in Madison Avenue, New York, was partially closed for the US first lady to shop.

The CEO of the company Gary Hogarth said that the label had garnered several "unexpected famous names" in the US as of late.

However, representatives for Obama furiously denied any claims of her being at the store.

"This story is 100 per cent false," the Daily Mail quoted Kristina Schake, director of communications, as saying.

According to media reports, Obama's alleged shopping spree had sparked the 12 per cent boost in sales recently released by the British label, but the brand itself has denied that this is the reason behind the increase in sales.

"Recent claims regarding Michelle Obama and purchases made at an Agent Provocateur boutique are incorrect," a spokesperson for the label said. Obama boost sales agent provocateur,

"Agent Provocateur never discusses any of its clientele or their purchases," the spokesperson added.

Obama has recently come under fire from critics, who have taken issue with her taste for expensive designer labels and lavish parties.
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