Transgenger Girl Scout

Transgenger Girl Scout, A 14-year-old Girl Scout is calling on the nation to boycott her organization's beloved cookies for its acceptance of transgender children.

Last October, a transgender girl (that is, a biologically male child with a female gender identity) was denied enrollment in a Colorado Girl Scout troop. The Girl Scouts of Colorado responded with a public statement welcoming all little girls, biologically female or not.

Taylor, a Girl Scout from California, created a YouTube video denouncing the Girl Scouts of America's support of transgender girls, arguing it's a threat to her safety and the safety of her peers. She argues that an "all-girls" organization harms and endangers its members by allowing non-biological girls to join, referring to transgender girls as "boys" throughout the video.

The video went viral and has since been made private, though it's generated a number of responses from other YouTube users including transgender people and former Scouts. A group with a similar message, Honest Girl Scouts, reposted Taylor's video and takes her message to the next level.

Honest Girl Scouts claims the Girl Scouts push a "pro-abortion, pro-lesbian agenda." The group's site demands the national organization eliminate sexual education from Girl Scout curriculum and break all ties to pro-choice health organization Planned Parenthood.

Similar movements questioning Girl Scout affiliations are hosted at,, and These sites primarily criticize the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts for its affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

For those who still wish to support the Girl Scouts, Taylor advocates donating to a local Girl Scout chapter rather than buying cookies to benefit the national organization. Honest Girl Scouts released a flyer stating that "You deserve to know what Girl Scout cookies fund." Among the condemned uses of Girl Scout money are "salaries for GSUSA Executive Staff who are leaders in the homosexual-rights movement" and "GSUSA's movement of 'inclusion.'"

The call of gay rights activists? Buy more cookies.
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