Tina Yothers Celebrity Wife Swap

Tina Yothers Celebrity Wife Swap, ABC brings Niecy Nash, city dweller, to the country as she trades places with Tina Yothers on “Celebrity Wife Swap.” These two women are WORLDS apart from one another in child rearing styles as well as lifestyles.

Niecy Nash travels to the residence of the Tina Yothers (Family Ties) as Tina travels to the home of Niecy Nash (Clean House). Both families have three children although they are very different in ages. Niecy Nash’s children are older while the Yothers children are younger, making it interesting in how the mothers handle the exchange.

As the families meet the new moms, it is apparent to Niecy that little Bobby is going to be a handful which he is until she delivers some tough love and leaves him behind as the rest of the family goes out for dinner later in the week. After reading the manuals to get an idea of the family lifestyle, Niecy prepares for some country love while Tina prepares for some city boredom.

The first day, Niecy is to go camping and fishing with the Yothers family where she is her usual voiceful self and complains most of the day. Even though she makes it through fishing from a boat and a campfire dinner, she draws the line at sleeping on the ground in a tent and calls a taxi to retrieve her and books a room in a hotel. Meanwhile, Tina undergoes a ”diva transformation” as Niecy’s crew vamps her style into straight-legged jeans with a blinged out shirt and stilettos which she falls trying to walk in as she goes to lunch with some of Nash’s friends.

When the rules change, Niecy makes sure the family is on board to Hollywood glamour as she prepares the family for a red carpet event with mani-pedis for all including dad. It seems the family is fine with the temporary glamourization. At the same time, Tina takes the Nash family to a ranch to learn about and ride horses. Although there is some timidness at first, they get into it. Giving Grandma some much needed rest, the kids help barbecue dinner and they all sit down as a family.

At the round table, Neicy and Tina almost come to blows over parenting skills as Tina defends the ineffective way she handles Bobby whiel Niecy is surprised her family went country on her. It seems the families agree there are some changes they need to be open to as another episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap” ends on a note of learning!
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