Superstitions And Their Origins

Superstitions And Their Origins, Many have been wincing at their calendars all week in anticipation of this dreaded day — Friday the 13th. Why the fear? Stevie Wonder warned against believing in things you don’t understand . So, we looked at the theories behind the menacing date, as well as other popular “bad luck” harbingers.

Origin of Friday 13th superstition, Many believe the roots of this horror film-inspiring superstition lie in Christianity, but others give the credit to a tale from Norse mythology. 13 at Last Supper on a Friday, Loki crashed a gathering of 12 gods in Valhalla, wiccan covens + groups of 13 on Friday,
Black cat superstition origin, There’s the popular reason folks have feared black cats (you know that one, right?), and it’s gripped psyches for centuries. See which direction's the ominous one. black cats + witches familiar, black cat superstition + Middle Ages, black cat superstition right to left, spit if a black cat crosses your path, Missy Elliott If a black cat walks in my path, I turn around and go home, black cat crossing your path + good luck In Japan,
Stepping on a crack superstition origin, The common children’s rhyme about cracks in the pavement often is linked to a particular community. step on a crack break your mother's back, step on a crack + African-American superstition,
Broken mirror superstition origin, Folks used to worry about a lot worse than seven years’ bad luck when a mirror got broken; there was a more sinister belief. Why were mirrors thought to be so precious? broken mirror + broken soul, Souls were said to dwell inside mirrors,
Hat on bed superstition, Bygone lore is to blame for this bad luck-bringer; here’s the old wives’ tale that fueled it. hat on the bed superstition + evil spirits live in your hair, static electricity in hair, +hat placed on a bed + hat placed on a casket,
Opening umbrellas indoors bad luck origin, Ancient Egyptians — who used umbrellas as sun shields — may be at the heart of this superstition.opening umbrella indoors + insult sun god Ra, +opening an umbrella inside + an omen of death,
Walking under ladders superstition origin, This one seems more like common sense and less like superstition, but for those who like to keep things mystical, there’s a supposed religious origin attached. ladder against a wall symbolizes Holy Trinity, Kristin Chenoweth + I have a fear of walking under ladders, walking under ladders + gallows and executions, Spit three times through ladder rungs,
Empty rocking chair superstition origin, Leaving an empty rocking chair rocking is said to bring about frightful results. leaving empty rocking chair rocking invites demons to sit, Ireland + empty rocking chair superstition, empty rocking chair superstition + death in the family,
Spilling salt superstition origin, In ancient times, salt was valuable, so spilling it was a faux pas. But another bad-luck link comes courtesy of Christianity. Judas Iscariot spilled salt at the Last Supper, spilled salt + toss over the left shoulder, Giada De Laurentiis + spilled salt superstition,
Splitting the pole superstition origin, We’re stumped on the reason why people started to think bad luck would befall you or your walking partner should you let a pole separate you. But we know which phrase will “break the curse” for you. splitting the pole say "bread and butter",
Origin of purse on the floor superstition, Leaving a purse on the floor doesn’t portend bad luck, per se; find out the rhyme that explains your fate. Which country is the belief tied to? “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door” Star Jones + purse on the floor superstition,
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