Spice Girls Reunion Olympics

Spice Girls Reunion Olympics, Band Talks Epic Comeback at Summer Sporting Event. Mark your calendars Spice Girls fans! The proud British group is reportedly close to reuniting for a comeback concert during the London Olympics this summer.

Scary, Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Posh are already currently working together on the score for a musical based on the band, and apparently, the time together has them contemplating a reunion for the big Brit event.

"I would never say never. I think it's possible," Mel B recently told Star Magazine. "I'd love it if we got back together and got to go on tour," added the current 'X-Factor Australia' judge on the band's future plans.

Mel's bandmate Gerri Halliwell is also keen to take the stage during her hometown's Olympic Games. "Singing at the Games is a great idea and would be an amazing opportunity -- and it's a sign the Brits are back," Gerri told The Daily Mirror. "This is our time. Everything is circular and now there's a British pop revival."

"It needs to put itself back on the map on a world stage," added the red-headed songstress. "This is our opportunity to show that British music, which has led and dominated the world, should do, always."
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