Peyton Manning Rumors

Peyton Manning Rumors, Longtime Colts QB Peyton Manning appears to be headed out of Indianapolis. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is in the midst of a public feud with Colts' owner, Jim Irsay, about comments he made in an interview with the Indianapolis Star. Basically, Manning expressed his displeasure with personnel changes in Indy and Irsay called Manning a politician for doing so publicly.

It should be noted that Manning was likely to be released from the Colts before this soap opera, anyway. The four-time MVP suffered a potentially career-ending neck injury that caused him to miss entire 2011 season. As a result, the Colts secured the number one pick in the draft, which they will surely use on Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

The question now is, where will the 36-year-old play if his neck heals properly?

The following is a list of rumors and reports on Peyton Manning's impending free agency:

* Chris Perkins of CBS Sports: "The Miami Dolphins are interested in pursuing Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning and Green Bay's Matt Flynn as free agents, local reports say. Due to NFL tampering rules, Dolphins officials can't speak publicly about either player because both are still under contract. Those same reports say Miami is considering trading up for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III."

* Mike J. Miller of Yahoo! Sports: "The word on Sunday was that the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and Washington Redskins would all be trying to get him signed, according to the Miami Herald. Two sources tell the paper that the Dolphins will 'aggressively pursue him if he's a free agent and if he's cleared medically."

* Bram Weinstein of ESPN via Twitter: "One of the people who's opinion at ESPN I trust the most says Peyton + Saturday to Redskins is VERY likely ... So, I have to warm up to it."

* Bob McManaman of The Arizona Republic: "Owner Jim Irsay … has said, yes, the Colts plan to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the top overall pick. So where does that leave Manning, Super Bowl champion and four-time league MVP? It's looking more likely he'll be a castoff, making him one of the most unusual and unexpected free agents in NFL history -- or at least since Joe Montana left the 49ers. But multiple teams will be interested, including the Cardinals, who owe Kevin Kolb a $7 million roster bonus on March 17 … Other teams such as the Redskins, Dolphins and Jets are sure to kick the tires on Manning if the Cardinals don't."

* Chris Mortensen on ESPN's Mike and Mike via the Washington Post: "Ok, remember, we said that there's still a big question mark of health. … That's something that nobody can speak to at this point. But if there's a reasonable assurance that Peyton's gonna be healthy, then who's not gonna line up? The Washington Redskins are one obvious team. That's unquestioned. You know, the Miami Dolphins would be another obvious team. Let's see how the Jets finish and Mark Sanchez finishes down the stretch. I think Sanchez has a tendency to play very well late in seasons. But if for some reason, he really flops, then am I ruling out the Jets? The answer's no. But I wouldn't emphasize them. The Redskins would seem to be a clear-cut team, but it is speculative. Everybody's mentioned how speculative it is, because of the uncertainty of Peyton's health. But I do not believe that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck will be on the same roster next year."

* Judy Battista of the New York Times: "The Jets? Signing Peyton would mean the end of any future for Sanchez in that locker room. The Redskins? Peyton's creaky neck won't last for six games against the Giants' and Eagles' pass rush or DeMarcus Ware in Dallas. Arizona? Maybe. Kevin Kolb has all the earmarks of a bust, they have a solid running game and a fantastic receiver in Larry Fitzgerald. My guess for best-fit is the Dolphins who play tough and would win 9-10 games with Peyton. Sorry Jets' fans! You're going to end up facing Peyton AND Brady for a quarter of your season. At least you'll always have the Bills."
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