Obama Chrysler 300

Obama Chrysler 300, If you're selling a well-kept 2005 Chrysler 300C sedan with about 20,000 miles in the west Chicago suburbs, you might be able to get $16,500. This one's listed for a cool $1 million on eBay. Why? Its previous owner was President Barack Obama.

This 300C spied by Autoblog does warrant an historical footnote. It was Obama's daily driver in 2007 when he came to the Detroit Economic Club and made a high-profile speech castigating Detroit automakers for not building enough fuel-efficient models. When word spread that Obama's own ride was powered by a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 good for a combined 18 mpg in everyday driving, Obama sold it for a Ford Escape Hybrid, the then-hot choice for politicians from both parties seeking the only available American-made hybrid.

Since then, the 300C's already been through one round of Internet over speculation, with a previous auction in 2009 ended after buyers pledged $1 billion troll dollars for the car. For some reason, the seller from the Chicago suburbs has come back asking for $1 million again, touting that Obama himself drove 19,000 miles in the car, many of which rolled up on the drive to Springfield and back.

Given that $1 million can buy a concours-quality classic car, paying such prices for Obama's sedan would be a blunder of historical note. Besides, other 300Cs for sale nearby offer more interesting back stories, such as "Who though adding Lambo scissor doors were a good idea?"
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