News Interviews Gone Wrong

News Interviews Gone Wrong, All the teleprompters, cue cards and station breaks in the world couldn’t have saved these interviews from becoming such memorable train wrecks. Check out the best of the worst interviews that spiraled out of control — from sports Q&A’s gone awry to a press conference that took on a life of its own.Jim Rome taunts quarterback, lars von trier press conference

BBC Darcus Howe UK riots interview
When the BBC’s Fiona Armstrong interviewed a 68-year-old West Indian journalist about last summer’s unrest in the UK, she pegged the man as a past rioter. He replied with a scolding that went viral. BBC + Darcus Howe + "'We'd like to apologise for any offence"
BBC Darcus Howe Interview

Lars Von Trier press conference
While giving a film fest press conference in May (for which Kirsten Dunst film?), director Lars Von Trier responded to a question about his German heritage with a joke about Nazi sympathizing. Von Trier + “What can I say? I understand Hitler”
Von Trier banned from Cannes, Von Trier "I am not antisemitic", Melancholia wins Best Movie + European Film Awards,
Lars Von trier cannes press conference

The walk-off on “The View”
Two hosts of “The View” walked off the stage in October 2010 after a heated discussion with TV personality Bill O’Reilly. Whoopi Goldberg + Joy Behar walk off, Bill O'Reilly + "Muslims killed us on 9/11." + View, Walters + "that should not have happened", Whoopi Goldberg + seat belt + O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly + "The View"

Kanye West on “Today”
After he made incendiary remarks about President George W. Bush’s response to a natural disaster, the rapper joined Matt Lauer to discuss the impact of his words. West, however, did not care for the flow of the interview. "George Bush doesn't care about black people", Kanye West "Today" show tweets, Lauer + "There was nothing improper about it", Kanye West cancels 'Today' performance
Kanye West Matt Lauer interview

+CNN 2007 Spelling Bee champ interview
Things got off to a bad start when CNN’s Kiran Chetry mispronounced the name of her guest, the 2007 Spelling Bee Champion. The gawky teen then proceeded to make Chetry sweat over every question. Evan O'Dorney, Evan O'Dorney + serrefine, Evan O'Dorney Intel Science Talent Search
Evan O'Dorney + Kiran Chetry

Tom Cruise argument with Matt Lauer
Back in 2005, the “Today” host tried to discuss Cruise’s religion and his take on psychiatric drugs, but the star proved combative. Tom Cruise “You’re glib” Brooke Shields + antidepressants, Tom Cruise "that came across as arrogant", Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch
Tom Cruise Matt Lauer 2005

Bjork airport attack
The “interview” never got past the greeting phase when the typically meek Icelandic singer knocked down a reporter awaiting her at a Bangkok airport. Bjork + "Welcome to Bangkok" reporter Julie Kaufman harassing Bjork and her son, Julie Kaufman + no charges against Bjork, Bjork + New Zealand news photographer
Bjork airport attack

Jim Rome taunts quarterback
A 1994 ESPN2 interview turned into a schoolyard brawl when host Jim Rome taunted his NFL quarterback guest, likening him to a less-than-manly female athlete. Jim Rome + "I stand by what I did" + Jim Everett, Jim Everett + "I don't regret what I did." + Jim Rome
Jim Everett Jim Rome attack

Geraldo Rivera skinhead brawl
Daytime talk show brawls are hardly unique, but Geraldo’s infamous skinhead interview got dangerous for the host and the audience, as well. Geraldo nose broken by chair, Geraldo + "racist thugs are like roaches" John Metzger and Roy Innis
Geraldo Rivera skinhead brawl 1988

Crispin Glover on Letterman
The late-night host didn’t even pretend to understand Crispin Glover's ramblings, wardrobe and karate kicks during his 1987 guest spot.Crispin Glover + "I neither confirm nor deny" + Late Night
Crispin Glover Letterman interview

John Stossel wrestling fight
A news correspondent shared his belief that professional wrestling is fake. Unfortunately, his interviewee — a wrestler — strongly disagreed.
+David "Dr. D" Schultz, +John Stossel $425,000 settlement,
John Stossel wrestling is fake fight

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