New Stamp 45 Cents

New Stamp 45 Cents, In October the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it would raise the price of postage stamps to 45-cents, a penny increase, to take effect in the new year. On Sunday that increase comes into effect.

Not long after its press release was issued which outlined the plan to increase the prices of stamps and other delivery services, the USPS price increases were approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.
The time to see the postage increase has come. Effective on Sunday, Jan. 22, Forever stamps will now cost 45-cents, bringing a book of 20 stamps to cost $9.00. Additional ounces will remain at 20-cents per extra ounce.

Consumers can expect to see a few other changes in the USPS price structure. There will be an increase of 2-cents for First Class Flats (1 oz) which will increase from 88-cents to 90-cents. Postcard rates will increase by 3-cents and will now be priced at 32-cents to mail a postcard.

Priority and Express mailing also sees some price adjustments. Priority Mail rates increase by approximately 3 percent and will start at $5.15. Express Mail delivery rates will rise an average of 4.4 percent, services starting at $12.95. Other changes include Parcel Post rates starting at $5.20 instead of the former $5.10 and Media rates increase from $2.41 to $2.47.

Other changes that can be expected are international mail prices. Letters to Canada or Mexico will increase 5-cents to 85-cents per one ounce letter, and letters going to other international locations will see a 7-cent increase to $1.05.

Forever stamps which were purchased by consumers prior to Jan. 22 are still able to be used after the new prices take effect, however the stamps in stock will be re-priced by USPS to reflect the new rates.

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