Jenna Von Oy Expecting

Jenna Von Oy Expecting, Blossom Jenna Von Oy baby girl, It's been just a little over a year since Blossom star Jenna von Oy married husband Brad Bratcher, but it appears that the honeymoon phase is over as the two are expecting their first child.

According to, the couple shares that their child will be due in June and have recently discovered the baby's gender, much to von Oy's delight.

"Brad is so cute because the other night I said to him, 'She's going to have you wrapped around her finger,'" von Oy said. "He gave me this wonderfully defeated look and said, 'I think she already does.' I can tell he's looking at me like I'm a little more fragile because there's a girl in there!"

The two wed in October 2010 in von Oy's hometown of Newton, Conn. after two years of dating.
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