Honey Badger Voice Guy

Honey Badger Voice Guy, A few months back, an internet video featuring a honey badger’s exploits narrated by a man with a comically effeminate voice went massively viral, spawning TV commercials and sparking endless Facebook shares.

The honey badger video addressed one of the main complaints about wildlife videos- that the narration was sufficiently boring to mask the exciting goings on of wildlife exploits. So while the nastyass honey badger trots around ripping other animals to shreds and passing out because it parties too hard, narrator Randall- who has, until now, been entirely unseen- gives the clip a far more interesting slant while still accurately narrating the honey badger’s voice.

TMZ caught up with Randall, who explained his motivation in retooling the honey badger voice narration. He says:

“My assistant showed me the original honey badger video and I was just like, the narration was so mundune and so stupid. This animal is eating cobras, demolishing animals, and ya know what, this narration is so boring. I said, you know what, we need to spice things up a bit.”

Of why he selected the honey badger to voice, Randall says:

“I think because in today’s society it’s an animal I feel a lot of people can relate to. I think people are fed up. I think a lot of people want to be able to take what they want. And I believe firmly… everyone inside of them has an inner honey badger waiting to get out.”

Watch video:

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