George Clooney Baseball Cincinnati Reds

George Clooney Baseball Cincinnati Reds, George Clooney only became an actor after he was rejected from a Cincinnati Reds tryout.

That's right, with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, Clooney was invited to tryout for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 when he was just 16.

Clooney would get another chance to live out his sporting dream in 2008 and spend the summer playing baseball. The ladies man was offered a contract to play for Ohio minor league team the Dayton Dragons during a a TV interview with Batman producer Peter Guber, who owns the team.
Guber threw the actor the curveball on the cable show Shootout, hurling a team hat at him and pitching him the chance to play baseball.

Guber said, "We're ready to sign you up, anytime you're ready."
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