Controversial Beauty Queens

Controversial beauty queen, Alexandria Mills Ahead of the Miss World competition taking place Sunday in London, we look back at some controversial beauty queens across multiple pageants, beginning with Alexandria Mills.

Her title: Miss World 2010

The controversy: The 18-year-old from Kentucky was chosen the latest Miss World, but her crowning was overshadowed by a political controversy that allegedly affected the outcome. Alexandria Mills and dispute between Norway and China
Controversial beauty queen Carrie Prejean
Her title: Miss California 2009

The controversy: Prejean said her comments about gay marriage at the 2009 Miss USA Pageant lost her the national title, but she later lost her state crown for unrelated reasons. Carrie Prejean and gay marriage, Carrie Prejean breach of contract, carrie prejean gives birth to baby girl Grace Christina, kyle boller
Controversial beauty queen Danielle Lloyd
Her title: Miss Great Britain 2006

The controversy: Lloyd was dethroned after she did a photo shoot and reports surfaced that she had an inappropriate romantic relationship. Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd loses title for dating judge, danielle lloyd baby boy, Jamie O'Hara
Controversial beauty queen Tara Conner
Her title: Miss USA in 2006

The controversy: Conner nearly lost her crown over her struggles with drugs and alcohol. +Tara Conner admits to cocaine use, Tara Conner + judge Miss USA 2010
Controversial beauty queen Lakshmi Pandit
The title: Miss India 2004

The controversy: Pandit was crowned, but not for long. She returned her crown after allegations surfaced that she might not be single. The pageant was open only to unmarried women. lakshmi pandit and siddharth mishra
Controversial beauty queen Vanessa Williams
The title: Miss America 1984

The controversy: Williams was the first black woman to become Miss America. After nude photos of her surfaced, she resigned. vanessa williams penthouse magazine, vanessa williams + Desperate Housewives
Controversial beauty queen Gabriella Brum
The title: Miss World 1980

The controversy: Miss Germany had a very short reign as Miss World. She resigned hours after being crowned. Gabriella Brum posed nude in a magazine, Gabriella Brum still lives in Los Angeles
Controversial beauty queen Marjorie Wallace
The title: Miss World 1973

The controversy: Wallace became the first American to win the Miss World contest. After a few months, she lost her throne, reportedly because of her rumored knack for dating celebrities, a violation of her Miss World contract. marjorie wallace dated tom jones, Marjorie Wallace and TV presenter
Controversial beauty queen Leona Gage
The title: Miss USA 1957

The controversy: Gage lost her crown when she confessed her family status. Leona Gage stripped of title for being married. She died in October 2010.
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