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Best Time To Buy, According to the National Retail Federation, tens of millions of American jobs depend on the retail industry. Shop, shop, shop! And the good news is you don’t need to spend big bucks if you buy at the right time. Scroll through to see what time of year is best to purchase staple items. Airplane tickets Best time to buy, Athletic apparel Best time, Cars to buy,  National retail federation, retail means jobs

Airplane tickets, Tuesday best time to buy airline tickets, Let’s face it we’re all looking for a deal when it comes to flights. Unfortunately, it seems airfare is constantly increasing, read about 2012 air travel predictions, air travel trends 2012. Whether you’re traveling to San Diego California or Boston Massachusetts, consider these travel tips before you take off. Best places to visit in spring
Athletic apparel, May + best time to buy athletic apparel, Need some new running shirts or yoga pants, You’ll feel more like exercising when you have the right apparel. Importance of exercise why exercising is so important for your health.
Cars, End of calendar year best time to buy cars, Although a new car will always set you back a bit financially, the average cost of a new car $28,400 average price of a new car, you can get a good deal if you shop at the right time. Consumer Reports: 2012 Toyota Camry gets top marks, 2012 car gets top marks from Consumer Reports.
Cell phones, End of the month  + time to buy cell phone, Interested in a new Windows phone, Droid or iPhone.  Read reviews on Siri, the iPhone 4S’ big draw. What is siri iphone 4s, cell phone laws by state
China dishes, March and september best time to buy china, In addition to fine and everyday china, you can also find deals on used china on eBay or Craigslist. How to set a formal dinner table
Chocolate, Best time to buy chocolate + after Valentine's Day, This one might be easier to guess, since a certain holiday in February valentine's day usually brings out the chocolate-buyer in many of us. dark chocolate lowers blood pressure better for us. Benefits of chocolate milk after exercise
Football gear, December best time to buy football gear, Have kids who play football? You’ll want to take advantage of  the best time to buy football equipment. Desperate for NFL tickets but don’t want to pay top dollar? Shop in this month, december best time to buy nfl tickets best time to buy guide for 101 products.
Fragrances, Jan and march best time to buy perfume,Fancy a new scent? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one best fragrances to give as gifts jan and march best time to buy perfume, you’ll be sure to sniff out a deal when you wait until after this holiday buy perfume after holiday and valentine's day for sales on perfumes and colognes. Beyonce perfume ad banned from tv
Furniture, January and july best time to buy furniture guide, New furniture usually hits stores twice a year, new furniture arrives in stores february and august best time to buy guide, so your best bet on a deal is right before then, as stores look to move out old items.
Golf clubs, March best time to buy golf clubs, Although you’ll find deals around Christmas, even bigger discounts can be found in a certain springtime month. Mark your calendar top 10 golf tournaments to watch 2012, for the top 10 golf tournaments to watch this year.
Houses, Winter best time to buy a house, In today’s housing market, current housing market conditions, you can get a deal at just about anytime of year, although there is one season that offers the best bargains. Housing market predictions 2012, experts are saying about the housing market in 2012.
Jeans, October best time to buy jeans, According to Marshal Cohen npd group marshal cohen, industry analyst for the NPD Group, a certain month can bring great deals on jeans. An article, jeans how often do you wash them washington post in the Washington Post discusses the pros and cons of washing irregularly. Best jeans for your body
Jewelry, Non-giving months best time to buy jewelry, Although you will find deals around certain holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there are better sales at other times of the year. Ring with 2,525 diamonds enters guinness book
Linens, January best month to buy linens, There’s nothing like a new set of bedding, shop bedding sets, to cozy up to after a long day’s work. Wondering what thread count you really need, the truth about thread count, bedroom decor tips, architectural digest
Outdoor toys playground equipment, August best time to buy playground equipment, Playground equipment, like swings and slides, can be pricey, as can outdoor games like bocce ball and croquet. Don’t cut corners on quality though these items are likely to last a long time if they’re built well to begin with. Best outdoor games for children
Outerwear, The price of outerwear, like jackets and coats, varies. If you’re prepared to buy last year’s styles, you’ll likely get a much better deal. You might still be better off buying a known brand, like The North Face, Columbia or Mountain Hardwear.
Pajamas slippers, November best time to buy pajamas and slippers, Give new pajamas or slippers as gifts or treat yourself to a new pair, celebrities who go out in their pajamas
Plants, Best time to buy plants + august, Love to garden but can’t afford top dollar for plants? You’ll find major discounts if you wait a bit. Consider subscribing to a gardening magazine, like “Better Homes and Gardens” or “Lawn & Landscape” for ideas. Flowers that flower in spring lilac peony tulips
Sandals, Best time to buy sandals + march and august, Good news! Sales on sandals should be arriving soon. Get shopping to make sure you’re all set for that first heat wave. 2012 weather predictions farmer's almanac, what the Farmer’s Almanac says about the weather in 2012. Top 10 beach destinations
Shoes, Best time to buy shoes  + end of season, Although sales on shoes vary by type, there is a general rule of thumb for finding the best bargains. What does shoe designer Christian Louboutin have in stores this year, christian louboutin shoes 2012 collection
Skis, March best time to buy skis, Thinking about hitting the slopes? Buy skis instead of renting and you’ll save money in the long run. If you want a snowy adventure without the speed of downhill skiing, consider snowshoeing. Top 10 ski destinations, russia 2014 olympics
Swimwear, Best time to buy a swimsuit + august and September, If you’re prepared to wait before buying this year’s styles 2012 swimwear, you’ll get a much better deal. Head to one of the top beaches in the country, best beaches in the united states, best swimsuit for body type
TVs, The best time to buy a TV february or march, A certain important football game super bowl, it’s famous for its ads often spurs people to purchase the latest TV and thus, retailers mark down their price. Technology giant Apple TV is set to release their first TV, best tv shows 2012
Toys, October and November best time to buy toys, Don’t wait for the holiday rush to find bargains on toys like board games and puzzles. Remember Tickle Me Elmo. Other toy fads through the years hottest toy fads of years past. New York, Nary Arnold toys oldest toy store in new york
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