World's oldest dog dies at age 26

World's oldest dog dies at age 26
World's oldest dog dies at age 26, The world's oldest living dog, as recognized by Guinness World Records, has died at its home in Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture, at the age of 26 years and 9 months, equivalent to more than 125 years in human age, its owner said Tuesday. 
Pusuke, a male crossbreed, had been showing a good appetite and kept up with its daily morning and evening strolls until Monday morning, when it suddenly refused to eat and appeared to have difficulty breathing, owner Yumiko Shinohara said. The pooch died peacefully in the afternoon, about five minutes after Shinohara returned home from running errands.
"I think (Pusuke) waited for me to come home," the 42-year-old housewife said, adding she was grateful for the many good memories the dog brought her over the years.
Pusuke received the Guinness certification last December.

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