"We Want Michael to Continue to Rock and ‘ROLL’ Forever”

"We Want Michael to Continue to Rock and ‘ROLL’ Forever”, Even in the afterlife, Michael Jackson is still on a roll. Or at least he will be.

Internet casino portal OnlineGamblingPal.com has purchased a clump of the deceased King of Pop's hair, which the company says it will turn into "a one-of-a-kind roulette ball." (Let's hope they hold to their promise that this will be an isolated incident.)

The strands were collected at New York's Carlyle Hotel -- where the singer stayed during a charity event -- and were part of an online auction Saturday. OnlineGamblingPal shelled out $10,871.

"Since we're big Michael Jackson fans, we want Michael to continue to rock and 'ROLL' forever," OnlineGambingPal.com spokesperson and apparent wordplay enthusiast Jack Mason said of the acquisition. "We therefore intend to have a professional roulette ball made which will contain his hair."

"The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards," the company said, as if there were any doubt in anybody's minds.

OnlineGamblingPal.com invites interested casinos to contact the company.

Crude? Perhaps. But it's probably better than the previous function that Jackson's hair served, as a safety hazard on a Pepsi commercial set.
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