Top 10 strangest flying animals

Top 10 strangest flying animals
Top 10 strangest flying animals, Plenty of animals fly; this is no surprise to anyone who actually comes from earth. However, there are plenty of "flying" animals that are really gliding versions of other animals.

You don't expect your average rodent to come drifting from the skies, let alone some of the other creatures in this list.

No, we typically think of flies (it's right there in the name), birds and maybe bats when we think of flying animals. Even then, quite a few of them creep us out. Get ready to feel unsettled every time you are in an open field from now on.

10. Flying Squirrels
9. Flying Phalangers
8. Flying Lemurs
7. Flying Lizard
6. Flying Snake
5. Flying Frog
4. Flying Fish
3. Mobula Ray
2. Gliding Ants
1. Flying Squid

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