Suri Cruise $130,000 Christmas Wish

Suri Cruise $130,000 Christmas Wish, Suri Cruise Creates $130,000 Christmas List After Throwing Tantrum in a Toy Store. Some say Suri Cruise is spoiled, and certainly a tot who counts Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as her parents has had little hope of becoming nothing less. So, when her $130,000 Christmas list was leaked, nobody who follows this high profile family's doings could be all that surprised.

Well, there's a pony being hoped for as well as everything from diamonds for her ears to a fairy princess gown. Sounds like a typical wish list that may or may not ever be realized, though changes are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will make all this happen for Suri.

However, is this a good thing?

Not necessarily, especially after examining with a reader called Belkin said about an experience this person had while being in the same toy store with Suri Cruise. He waxed poetic with his anecdote about the famous child on Gawker, sharing what he witnessed.

The message started with Belkin claiming, "I heard a loud squeal arise from the crowd of people. It was Suri tensing up, shrieking, having a full-on tantrum, while Katie was on her knees trying to console her. Katie called to Tom to do something and he scurried off as fast as his little legs could carry him. A few minutes later, he returned with a metallic device with a wand attached. He waved the wand up and down Suri's convulsing body. The device was making noises as loud as she was."
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