Shoplifter Hatchet Attack Ear

Shoplifter Hatchet Attack Ear, Washington state police say that a shoplifter with a hatchet sliced off most of a store security guard’s ear.

Longview police Sgt. Doug Kazensky told reporters that the shoplifter pulled a small hatchet out of his waistband and swung. He ended up chopping off nearly the entire ear of a sceurity guard.

The guard was taken to a Portland hospital for emergency plastic surgery in an attempt to reattach the ear.

The attacker remained at large. The assault took place just outside the garden center entrance of a Fred Meyer supermarket.

Kazensky says two security officers were trying to apprehend the man, who was suspected of taking CDs, bike chains and other small items.

The man apparently brought the hatchet to the store with him.
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