Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunction spanx

Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunction spanx
Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunction spanx, Selena Gomez has experienced yet another wardrobe malfunction, but this one isn’t nearly as bad as the last. This time it took place at the Jingle Ball concert on December 1st.

According to a report from this wasn’t nearly as serious as a nip-slip or rather crass crotch shot. In fact, Selena’s wardrobe malfunction was relatively benign. Still it likely caused the Wizards of Waverly Place star and girlfriend of Justin Bieber a bit of embarrassment.

Spanx shapewear line of undergarments have become one of the most priceless wardrobe enhancements for celebrities and regular people alike. They help suck in, smooth out, and corral roles that otherwise can be rather unsightly in some of today’s fine fashions. Now Selena Gomez certainly doesn’t need undergarments to provide these services–she’s in excellent shape–but she does wear Spanx, and that’s what fans spied during the Jingle Ball concert.

It seems that some entertainers, like Selena Gomez, wear Spanx as a means of covering up that which should never be seen by the public. In other words Selena’s Spanx were used for a bit of modesty control with her pretty red and white sparkly Christmas-themed, rather short costume. And while she no doubt didn’t mean to expose her Spanx, it’s definitely way better than having exposed her–well, you know.
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